Former leader of the resistance movement


Drow Paladin of Lolth


T’siya is one of the adventurers who helped the PCs escape from a potential sacrifice. She first met the PCs in Dominic’s tavern, along with Yarrett and Dominic himself. As repayment for her party’s assistance. T’siya asked the PCs to investigate claims that the dead were rising after the tax collectors forbade proper burial rites. Dominic expressed surprise that the PCs would help T’siya and Yarrett; while he and Harlan follow Pelor, T’siya and Yarrett worship Lolth and Yeenoghu respectively.

During this investigation the army swept through Blackwell and apparently captured most of its residents.

As of the seventh session, T’siya seems to be imprisoned in The Bleeding Cage (along with the other residents of Blackwell).


Cambane Mikan