A more-or-less vampire who tries to maintain a positive outlook on his situation.

* Razorclaw Shifter Druid, Level 7
* Unaligned, No Deity

* Str: 10 (+0)
* Con: 11 (+0)
* Dex: 17 (+3)
* Int: 10 (+0)
* Wis: 21 (+5)
* Cha: 08 (-1)

* Acrobatics:    +14
* Athletics:    +5
* Insight:    +13
* Nature:    +13
* Perception:    +13
* Stealth:    +16

* Languages: Common, Goblin

*    +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom
*    +2 Acrobatics, +2 Stealth
*    Medium Size, Speed 6, Low-Light Vision
*    Razorclaw Shifting: Possess Razorclaw Shifting power
*    Background: Add Stealth to Class Skills

*    12 + Constitution starting HP, +5 HP per level, 7 base healing surges, +1 R/W
*    Proficiencies: Simple melee, simple ranged/Cloth, Leather, Hide/Staff, Totem

*    Balance of Nature: 3 at-wills, at least one with/without Beast Form keyword.
*    Primal Predator: +1 Speed when not in Heavy Armor.
*    Ritual Casting: Cast Animal Messenger 1/day for free.
*    Wild Shape: Possess Wild Shape at-will power.

*Character 1:    Vampire Lineage (+2 Ins/Per for undead, count as vampire, gain Blood Drain power)
*Character 2:    Warrior of the Wild (Mult. Ranger, gain Acrobatics and 1/encounter EONT Hunter's Quarry)
*Character 4:    Primal Fury (+1 attack against bloodied targets with primal powers)
*Character 6:    Ferocious Tiger Form (In beast form, +2 dmg with combat advantage)

*    +1 Attack at levels 5/15/25
*    +2 Athletics

C: WILD SHAPE(Min 1/rd)Change to or from beast form, Shift 1 when becoming humanoid.

1: CALL OF THE BEAST(Std,Burst1 r10,Wis/Will)No CA, 5+Wis psychic if not attack nearest enemy.
1: POUNCE(Std,touch,Wis/Ref)1d8+Wis, grant CA to next attacker till EOYNT. Charge-compatible.
1: SAVAGE REND(Std,touch,Wis/Ref)1d8+Wis, slide 1. Melee basic.

R: RAZORCLAW SHIFTING(Min, when bloodied)+2 Speed and +1 AC/Reflex for encounter.

F: BLOOD DRAIN(Std,touch grabbed target,Dex+2/Fort)1d4+Con damage, may spend healing surge.

1: DARTING BITE(Std,touch one or two,Wis/Ref)1d10+Wis, if at least one hits shift Dex.

3: PREDATOR'S FLURRY(Std,touch,Wis/Ref)1d6+Wis and dazed eont. Ef: Shift Dex, same attack vs other tgt.

7: LATCH ON(Std,touch,Wis/Ref)2d10+Wis and grab, target takes -Dex to escape grab.

1: SAVAGE FRENZY(Std,close1 enemies,Wis/Ref)1d6+Wis, dazed/slowed(save ends), miss half and slow EOYNT.

5: ROAR OF TERROR(Std,CloseBlast5,Wis/Will)(Fear)2d6+Wis psychic and dazed(save ends), miss half dazed EOYNT.

1D: SKITTERING SNEAK(Free,Pers)May wildshape into tiny animal for encounter, +5 stealth, no attack.

6D: BLACK HARBINGER(Free,Pers)May wildshape into tiny flyer, fly speed = speed, walkspeed = 2, no attack.

Necrotic Bracers(Minor, Daily)Next successful weapon attack deals +1d6 necrotic.
Power Jewel(Minor, Daily)Regain first or third level encounter power provided milestone has been reached.
Viper Belt(No Action, Encounter)+2 bonus on saving throw against ongoing poison damage.

01: AnimalMessenger(10/10min/Special) BanishVermin(10/10min/Spec) CreateCampsite(15/10min/8hrs) GentleRepose(10/1hr/Spec)
02: Bloom(20/10min) EndureElements(20/10min/24hrs) Preservation(25/10min/Perm) TreeShape(20/10min/6hrs) WaterWalk(20/10min/1hr)
04: FeatofStrength(30/10min/1min) TravelersFeast (35/1hr/24hrs)
05: AnimalFriendship(50/1min/Spec) BrewPotion(Spec/1hr) SpeakWithNature(80/10min/10min)

* +2 Amulet        (+2 F/R/W)
* +2 Resistance Hide    (+5 AC, -1 Check)
* +2 Staff        (+3, 1d8 +2 damage, +2d6 Crit)

* Boots of Stealth    (+2 Stealth)
* Escape Tattoo        (When non minion crits for damage, teleport 3)
* Eternal Chalk        (Infinite Writing)
* Gloves of Agility    (+1 to Acrobatics, Dexterity, Stealth checks)
* Necrotic Bracers    (+1d6 Necrotic on critical hit)
* Power Jewel        (Allows Power Recovery)
* Skull Mask        (Resist 5 Necrotic, enemies take -2 fear saves, +1 Intimidate)
* Viper Belt        (Resist 5 Poison)

* Ritual Book        (34/128 pages used, takes form of racial memory)

* 680/680 Daily Vitae

* 268 gp

* 105 gp to spend on rituals

* Passive:        Initiative +6, Speed 7
* Wis Attack Stats:    +11/+7 Damage
* Blood Drain Stats:    +9/1d4 Damage

* Hitpoints:        53/53 (0 Temp)
* Healing Surges:    7/7 (Restore 13)

* Defenses:        AC: 21, Fort: 16, Ref: 19, Will: 21

* Senses:        Low-Light Vision, P. Insight 23, P. Perception 23

The far-off land of Karchenovia is cursed. Count Vladimir Yevgeny Karchenoff, the warlord who first united its feuding people under a single banner, was a man of such extravagant brutality and unapologetic, smirking evil that the gods themselves attempted to break his dominion, cursing him to fear the sun and subsist only on the blood of his fellow men. Unfortunately for the gods, Vladimir Karchenoff was more than a match for any three supreme divine curses you’d care to name, and had before long learned how to turn his cursed state into a source of hideous strength. A cruel vampire overlord reigned over Karchenovia for centuries, terrorizing the people of the surrounding countryside and ravaging neighboring domains, until a group of intrepid adventurers succeeded in putting down Vladimir Karchenoff for good.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end there. Karchenoff’s very bloodline, his very land, had mutated under the divine curse, to the point where it had become a metaphysical certainty that Karchenovia must have a vampire overlord. Shortly after Vladimir Karchenoff’s death, Vladimir’s eldest living male heir found himself metamorphosing into a vampire spontaneously. Then, after Oleg Karchenoff died, Karenina Karchenoff found herself transformd into the newest countess. Karchenovia had become a self-repairing cliche, a land of blasted, misty moors that could not help but be inhabited by one of the bloodsucking undead.

Of course, Bane had no intention of allowing a country founded on defiance of the gods to continue in operation. Once he had claimed praxis over the astral sea, he proceeded to direct his followers in wiping Karchenovia completely off the map and exterminating everyone in Vladimir’s line.

They didn’t get everyone. Some time ago, a living descendent of the current undead Count sired a bastard child with a peasant woman, who proceeded to move away from Karchenovia to raise the child in peace, and that child grew up to have a child of its own… long story short, Otto Creek, apprentice bookmaker and amateur batwatcher, was unknowingly roughly 1/16th Karchenovian nobility. And due both to Bane’s genocide and a series of coincidental accidents or deaths from natural causes, he was the last living descendant of the original Blood Count.

Otto didn’t actually become a vampire, his blood was too dilute for that. But he became something approaching a vampire. Something that approached a vampire too closely to really allow him to continue living in human society, as it happens. He retreated from public life, taking up residence in the sewers beneath his home town and the woodlands outside it, doing his best to slake his hunger in harmless ways and wishing he had friends. He was captured by Bane’s priests because he was unfortunate enough to try and feed on one of the faithful. Next time, Otto will pay closer attention to any insignia his prey may be wearing, maybe give the legends about holy symbols some credence.

“Normally”, Otto looks like a withered and deformed human. Sickly pale, hairless, and emaciated, with ears, teeth, and fingernails that are all pointier than they should be. When he relaxes his hold on himself, though, he’s found that he slips farther – his nails lengthen into claws, his skin whitens completely, his nose retreats into a sort of short snout and his ears stretch until they resemble those of a giant bat. He spends almost all his time in this form – he’d rather look like a normal bat-boy than an ugly human.

Otto is deeply fatalistic, but can’t see why he can’t be inexorably cynical with a positive attitude.


Cambane Ferrinus