A veteran of many battles, with a past full of cruelty


Kazimak, level 9
Hobgoblin, Warlord
Unaligned, No Deity
Commanding Presence: Inspiring Presence
Background: Occupation – Revolutionary (+2 to History)

Str 20, Con 16, Dex 8, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16.

Str 18, Con 13, Dex 8, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 13.

AC: 27 Fort: 22 Reflex: 16 Will: 20
HP: 68 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 17

History +13, Intimidate +13, Athletics +16, Heal +9

Acrobatics +1, Arcana +4, Bluff +7, Diplomacy +7, Dungeoneering +4, Endurance +5, Insight +4, Nature +4, Perception +4, Religion +4, Stealth +1, Streetwise +7, Thievery +1

Level 1: Weapon Proficiency (Execution axe)
Level 2: Armor Proficiency (Scale)
Level 4: Armor Proficiency (Plate)
Level 6: Saving Inspiration
Feat User Choice: Implement Expertise (Axe)
Level 8: Improved Inspiring Word

Warlord at-will 1: Furious Smash
Warlord at-will 1: Wolf Pack Tactics
Warlord encounter 1: Hammer and Anvil
Warlord daily 1: Bastion of Defense
Warlord utility 2: Inspired Belligerence
Warlord encounter 3: Warlord’s Strike
Warlord daily 5: Stand the Fallen
Warlord utility 6: Rousing Words
Warlord encounter 7: War of Attrition
Warlord daily 9: Warlord’s Recovery

Reckless Execution axe +2, Amulet of Physical Resolve +2, Parry Gauntlets (heroic tier), Goblin Stompers (heroic tier), Skull Mask (heroic tier), Floating Lantern (heroic tier), Rimewrought Gith Plate Armor +3, Spellbook


Kazimak is a short, barrel-chested hobgoblin in early middle age. His thick salt-and-pepper hair is pulled back into a ponytail. His eyes are small and slate gray. Everything about him gives the impression of thickness – nearly as wide as he is tall, Kazimak’s trunk, his bulging neck, his enormous limbs and square-fingered hands, are all peppered with decades of nicks and scars, and look as if they were rough-hewn of wood or stone rather than living flesh.

Leadership never came easily to him. Not in youth, when he fought and scrapped with boys older and bigger than he was, and cowed them into following him. Not in adolescence, when he was faced with test after grueling test to become an officer in Bane’s army. Not at the crest of manhood, when he led elite, hardened killers to spread havoc and horror to advance Bane’s intricate tactics. Certainly not now, in the slow dawn of middle age, when the respect and admiration he craved became his death sentence.

Kazimak was born an only child in a marshy village of hobgoblins who hunted game and farmed rice to survive. He was a small child, not quite a runt, but far outstripped by the other young hobgoblins. Some of them thought that would make it easy to bully him; it didn’t take many broken noses and split lips for them to learn otherwise. Even then, Kazimak’s ferocity and determination won him a great deal of respect. He enjoyed being respected, and began to cultivate that feeling as best he could. When the armies of Bane swept across the countryside like a black tide, it was Kazimak who mastered every challenge to become a lieutenant at the unheard-of age of sixteen.

In the darkest days of the war, Kazimak led one of Bane’s elite Black Gauntlets, a collection of the cruelest, strongest young warriors the army could muster. Some of the Banites’ greatest heroes found their beginnings there, under Kazimak’s command: One-Eyed Yeshu, Cassius Bloodflame, Maria the Maul. Together they broke the back of the mighty Stonereach clan, slew entire villages, and struck fear into the hearts of Bane’s foes. Kazimak’s own reputation as a ruthless and inspiring leader grew with each deed. Rumors held that the heartless Kazimak sold his own son into slavery rather than rear him as a weakness for his enemies to exploit. He never acknowledged that he had a son at all.

But as the days turned into years, and tens slain became hundreds, Kazimak became numb and wearied by the neverending war. It began to disturb his sleep, and he took ill more frequently. He began to long for a quiet retirement, but knew he would not be allowed such leave at the outset of a campaign. So he deserted. The soldiers under his command (for Kazimak was a captain in his own right by then, and could have become a general if he’d desired) misread this desertion as an act of rebellion, and were moved to join their leader rather than face a life under the command of his cruel, petty lieutenant, a minotaur called Gerandas.

When they discovered his hiding place, Kazimak felt compelled to lead them, not out of a desire for glory or respect, but out of a simple obligation to their welfare, something he’d never felt or acted upon before in his entire life. So the man mistaken for a rebel leader became a rebel leader, rather than leave these newfound rebels leaderless.

The armies of Bane do not tolerate the slightest dissent, and open insurrection even less so. Their retaliation was swift and brutal. To a man, every one of the soldiers under Kazimak’s command was slain before his eyes, and he was taken to the Bleeding Cage, that feared and hated place, to be broken, experimented upon, and eventually executed himself, in shame and ignominy.


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