The Past

Nineteen years ago, the war began. The followers of Bane assembled and prepared to assault the major cities and temples. Bane declared himself ruler of the current pantheon and demanded the world be remade in his image. Adventurers of all kinds fought against Bane’s forces, often winning minor victories. Not long into Bane’s offensive the dark god seemed on the verge of defeat.

Seventeen years ago, the war ended. In one day, events converged in Bane’s favor. Bands of adventurers turned on civilised areas, brainwashed into the deity’s service. Then a dark black substance rained down from the skies. Thousands drowned in the ooze; some as it enveloped entire villages, others who marched to the largest deposits and immersed themselves.

Many of the remaining cities and settlements surrendered; in the wake of Bane’s most recent assault, few were left to stand against him. Experienced and fledgling heroes alike found themselves imprisoned, sacrificed or worse. No one was safe – the followers of most other evil deities were destroyed as well. Bane’s strongest lieutenants and favoured priests control the last few areas of civilisation.

The Present

People now live in fear of the creatures they see flying throughout the night, the horrors lurking outside their homes, the monsters in charge of their cities. The gods are in disarray. Resistance, however, continues. Some remember stories of the brave heroes who once protected the land. Inspired by these tales, they strike back against Bane. Others rage against their suffering and imprisonment, determined to damage the current order as much as they can before an inevitable death. And assistance comes from surprising places – even the evil and cruel oppose Bane’s order, forging unlikely alliances with their former enemies. The gods find themselves in a strange predicament. A few evil deities swallowed their pride and offered assistance to the rest of the pantheon, though this support is tenuous at best. And rumours hint at some deities working to consolidate Bane’s influence, accepting (or feigning) subservience for power.


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