A once human turned tiefling bard.


Level: 7 Max HP: 54 (12+11 con + 5/level) Max Surges: 8 Surge value: 13

Speed: 6 Inititve bonus: 3 (level) Save bonus: 0

STR 8 ( -1 ) CON 12 ( 1 ) Fort: 15 (3 level) +1 neck +1 stat DEX 10 ( 0 ) INT 16 ( +3 ) Reflex: 18 (+1 from class) 3 lvl +1 neck + 3 stat WIS 10 ( 0 ) CHA 21 (+5 ) Will: 20 (+1 from class) 3 lvl +1 neck + 5 stat

Armor class: 19 (+4 Hide armor, +3 Int bonus, 3 lvl)

Weapon attacks: Short sword +6 to hit (3 proficency, level) 1d6 damage

Implement attacks: Lute +2 +6 to hit (Feat: implement mastery 1, level 3, enchantment 2) +12 on CHA based abilities.

Racial features: Low light Vision, +2 bluff +2 stealth, Blood hunt (+1 on attack rolls vs bloody targets) Infernal wrath (encounter power, 1 to hit and cha damage bonus on enemy that hit you last round)

Class features: Bardic Training, Virtue of Cunning (shift allies 1/round if an enemy misses, also shifts enemy), Song of Rest,

Majestic word (2x per encounter heal (surge + cha + cha temp hp) and shift 1)

Words of friendship (encounter buff, +5 next diplomacy roll)

Implements: Wands + Bardic

All the below use impliments and are arcane.

At wills: Misdirected Mark (cha vs reflex, 10 range, 1d8+cha dmg and marks target by a nearby (5 squares) ally till next turn)

Vicious Mockery (cha vs will, 10 range, 1d6+cha dmg and target has -2 to attack rolls till next turn)


Blunder: (cha vs will, 5 range, 1d6 + cha dmg, slide the target 2 squares, an ally the target passes by or lands near can take a free basic melee attack with 1+int mod to hit)

Unluck: blah blah


Stirring shout: (cha vs will, range 10, 2d6 + cha dmg, until end of encounter any ally that hits the target recovers hp equal to your charisma mod + temp hp = to cha mod)

Rhyme of Fire: 2d6 cha vs fort, miss half. Effect: When an ally hits the target, it takes fire damage equal to your cha mod.

Utility: Song of Courage: 5 burst sustain minor, allies in range get +1 to attack rolls.

Glimpse the Future: Roll a d20 three times. Untill the end of the encounter, one of these rolls may be used in place of any roll an ally makes.

Trained skills: Arcana – 0/3/5/3 = +11 Bluff – 2 racial, 5 stats, 5 trained, 3 level + 15 total. Diplomacy – 0/5/5/3 = +13 Streetwise – 2 background + 0/5/5/3 = + 15 Heal – 0/0/5/3 = 8 total

Feats: (Implement Mastery (free), Advantage of Cunning (level 1), Enhanced Majestic word (level 2), (infernal Clamor level 4), Bardic knowlage (level 6))

Armor: Deathcut + 1 (4 AC, 5 poison resist, 5 necrotic resist, daily reaction: 1d10 + cha necrotic damage) -1 Checks) (lv 5 1000 gp, 25 lbs)

Feet: Wavestrider boots (level 4)

Weapon: Basic Short Sword (10gp, 2 lbs)

Head: Phrenic crown (level 7, Will powers that have saving throws attached give the target -1 to roll saves)

Neck: Collar of Recovery +1: Gain +1 hp when spending a healing surge to regain HP.

Implement: Lute (Wand) +2

Fochlucan Bandore (+1 lute, Daily: +2 power bonus to damage to an ally after a short rest) (680gp lv 3, 2 lbs) Basic Adventure’s kit (15 gp, 33 lbs)

Harp of Slumber (lv 3 daily: -15 perception within 20 squares)

1 level 1 item: Eternal chalk level 2 item: Silent tool: Crowbar level 3 item: Ritual energy

43 Gold leftover


As for background: Themia’s home town was leveled during bane’s rise by a group of crazed heroes. She was a child when this happened and only remembers vague details of her town: It was a coastal community with an tall needle shaped rock nearby. She thinks her parents and her brother could still be alive, but has no idea where they might be and has long since dropped seriously looking for them.

After the fall she found herself in the care of traveling entertainers and traders who worked as black market and resistance supporters. For several years she learned the stories of the world before. She found a talent for music and some skills with minor magic.

Three years ago the caravan was attacked. Perhaps one of the caravan drivers had betrayed them, perhaps luck had finally run it’s course. Either way, Themia found herself on a small boat on a lake of black, tar-like water headed to one of Bane’s prison-fortresses, The Bleeding Cage.

It’s difficult to pull anything of what happened inside the jail from Themia. What’s certain is that she lost a measure of her humanity surviving in such a place.


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